The architectural designing with ArchiCAD


This course is taught by industry experts to help position you for organizational success afterward. We guarantee that our skilled lecturers will turn you into a highly productive and successful professional in both local and international marketplaces.

In this course, we will use ArchiCAD of Graphisoft as a very easy-to-use architecture software using BIM technology (Building Information Modeling). The BIM concept is based on the use of 3D modeling with construction information, which generate automatic drawings of floor plans, sections, facades, schedules and details from the two-dimensional reading of the model.

This architecture course is designed for Architects, Architecture students, civil engineering students, Design consultants, urban planners, construction managers, quantity surveyors and civil engineers.

It will help you to gain experience that will support and inspire you to advance in your personal and professional development. First, we will focus on architectural modeling for the early stages of a design process with ArchiCAD, then we will continue with virtual representations for design communication and finally more precise and well-detailed models will be used for construction documents production and for any further development of the ideas.

What will you learn
  • 2D CAD using different drawing tools for creating accurate and detailed technical drawings.

  • 3D Modeling using 3D CAD interface specially developed for architects capable of creating various kind of building forms.

  • Preparation of all the technical drawings of floor plans, sections, facades, details, schedules.

  • Make two different architectural projects ( G and G+2 houses) from start to finish as a professional.


  • 59 Lessons
  • 03:48:21 Hours

  • Lecturer I00:07:39
  • Getting overview of ArchiCAD user interface
  • Setting dimensions and working environment
  • Working with wall tool
  • Use of different modification tools
  • Lecturer II00:14:36
  • Going thru all necessary tools in toolbox
  • Useful shortcuts and their customization
  • Working with and the general use of navigator
  • Lecturer VI00:17:28
  • Lecturer III00:17:02
  • Getting started with floor plan
  • Arranging rooms
  • Setting and placing doors and windows
  • Adding pavement and ceiling
  • The use of profile manager
  • Lecturer IV00:12:30
  • Using a customized wall from profile manager
  • Adding structures on exterior modeling focusing on aesthetic
  • Designing balcony
  • Lecturer V00:22:55
  • Zoning and layouting
  • dimensioning
  • publishing floor plan on pdf
  • preparing flat exterior landscape
  • Lecturer VI00:17:28
  • Working with different kinds of roofs
  • Setting the automatic roof structure for multiplane roof covering by roof wizard.
  • Placing roof ridges on multiplane roof.
  • Lecturer VII00:22:07
  • Setting dimensions and working environment
  • designing ground floor plan exterior
  • designing first floor plan exterior
  • Lecturer VIII00:07:15
  • Placing rooms and exterior modeling
  • Adding second story floor
  • Lecturer IX00:08:28
  • Well arranging spaces
  • Setting and adding openings on ground and first floor
  • Lecturer X00:18:21
  • Setting and positioning stair
  • Adding slabs
  • Adding floor plan annotations
  • Lecturer XI00:15:31
  • Floor plan dimensioning
  • Elevation and section dimensioning
  • Construction details extractions
  • Lecturer XII00:20:41
  • Extraction and modification of schedules
  • Exporting material schedules in MS excel
  • Lecturer XIII00:04:12
  • Publishing drawing on layout
  • Lecturer XIV00:07:58
  • Design of exterior swimming pool
  • Landscaping flat site plan
  • Lecturer XV00:14:10
  • Importing surveying data of site slopes
  • Working with contour lines
  • Placing mesh according to contours and its modification


About lecturer


Hüseyin Penbeoğlu is a highly experienced Turkish architect executing architectural projects in United Kingdom.
He is certified by Graphisoft-ArchiCAD as a BIM Manager, Since November 2017 he has been a full-time BIM Specialist in the distributor of the GRAPHISOFT and consultant to several architectural offices and he is also a creator of ArchiCAD template for Turkey local version. His strong arts and design professionalism with a master’s degree of Architecture (MArch) impressed collegepert to hire him as one of the architectural designing course lecturers.


RANANDAFEERA Donacien Process Odilasis internationally known as Ra Dona. He has a very big profile at global design market on using ArchiCAD since 2007. His design office and online channel of Archystore has dominated other online ArchiCAD platform in a whole world since 2017.
He is a design software specialist and an international ArchiCAD trainer as he has been traveling around the world to deliver trainings across USA, France, Namibia and South Africa.


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