Collegepert is an American online learning platform with a vision of providing AEC professional learning experiences anywhere, anytime.

We have been seeing college graduates struggling to find themselves in the job market due to the lack of moneymaking skills because current colleges’ teaching curriculum is outmoded. This has forced the establishment of collegepert to hire globally respected professionals in the industry to share their first hand technological skills to world.

We also found that most of professionals especially those from poor and developing countries are delivering poor quality design projects due to lack of access to trending technology courses. That is why; you will find our courses focusing on AEC, dedicated to professionals and fresh college graduates only.

The principal objective of collegepert is to provide an outstanding practical AEC thru CAD and BIM technology education. Taking market-based competency of professionals to global level thru useful technologies and supporting fresh college graduates to go at marketplace with required projects delivering skills.

We intend to connect the gap between academic institutions and the industry, qualifications and qualities, college’s knowledge and practical skill through competency based online courses.

We are here to provide AEC related learning that truly work, giving quality education a new meaning!

Our Mission

Our mission is to power AEC professionals and fresh graduates thru project delivery oriented courses.

Collegepert hires international experts and award winners in AEC industry to deliver courses and share what helped them to write history in projects delivery with the world.

We work with leading technology companies to be able to go with transforming technology at job market, and teach the critical AEC skills that employers are looking for in their team.

Government officials are up for solving the unemployment problem among illiterate or less-educated people, With our powerful and flexible digital learning platform, we aim to solve the unemployment problem among college graduates and poor quality delivery done by professionals due to lack of the most market-based tech skills.


This program will emphasize the development of computer-aided designing skills, providing you with the assistances you need to succeed in today's highly competitive job market.

The Collegepert School of architecture is dedicated to advancing the art and practice of architectural design by offering hands-on courses to foster critical design thinking to develop strong expertise and inspire artistic vision among college graduates.

Our School of architecture also prepares people to design various types of structures mainly focused to buildings. You will also study project from A to Z and our practical exercises and assignments will help you to apply your home country’s construction and building codes with social values and issues that influence architectural design under real-time support from our team of industry experts.

This school teaches the skills needed to help you succeed. It contains the following courses:

1. Architectural 2D detailing

This course provides extensive skills on architectural two-dimensional detailing of any structure. Detailing has the power to characterize and define the entire building and they are essential to the life and personality of a space. We will involve all tools and commands used in AutoCAD 2D and after all, we will design double story architectural project from scratch and produce all required construction details on documents.

This course will require the full understanding of manual technical drawings that is why it is prepared for Architects, Architecture students, civil engineering students, structural designers and civil engineers.

2. Architectural designing

This course provides extensive skills on architectural three-dimensional modeling of any house and building by using a BIM software of ArchiCAD.

It is project delivery based course from simple house of single story project to three story complex project; you will learn how to deliver a project from zero to publishing construction documents on PDF.

This course is suitable for Architects, Architecture students, civil engineering students, Design consultants, urban planners, construction management students, quantity surveyors and civil engineers.

3. 3D Visualization and rendering

This course is about architectural 3D visualization and rendering as the modern way of creating three-dimensional model visual presentation of a structure like a building using computer software. It is made for clients to walk around, explore a 3D model, and view it from any angle as realistic as built.

This course is designed for architects, urban planners, visualization artists, real estate professionals, Architecture students, interior designers, landscape designers and Design consultants.


The collegepert specializes in engineering courses to prepare you to become creative engineering designers and analysts with sound fundamentals and the ability to develop and maintain sustainable infrastructural systems via trending technologies. This department concerns the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. It is built on the strength of the world- renowned engineers. The theoretical and behavioral study of engineering structures has complemented with a design programs.

1.Design and analysis of Reinforced concrete structures

As a student of collegepert, essential thing you will learn in this program is how to determine whether RC load bearing members can bear structures as designed by architect. And to study how to modify them according to the loads to be applied, all by taking sample real projects. This involves a combination of mathematical & physical skills, engineering vision, and the ability to understand a transmission of different types of loads. That is why; this course is for only people who graduated at least advanced diploma in civil/structural engineering in college.

2. Design and analysis of steel structures

Steel is one of the most useful construction materials because of its Hardness and tensile strength. Essential thing you will learn in this course is to Visualize and coordinate your models in 3D, add ancillary steelwork, and fully quantify and value your projects.

You will learn to significantly reduce design and detailing time by automatically producing high quality engineering drawings for all steelwork and connection details. Increase your design teams productivity and business project profitability.

This involves a combination of mathematical & physical skills, engineering vision, and the ability to understand a transmission of different types of loads. That is why; this course is for only people who graduated at least advanced diploma in civil/structural engineering in college.

Our Story

Collegepert was founded with a vision of providing life-changing learning experiences to AEC Professionals and college graduates, anywhere. It is now a rapid growing leading online education platform for CAD and BIM learning, where AEC professionals from across the globe come to learn industry-leading skills.

Different world’s top technology companies and industry experts work hands in hands with Collegepert to offer CAD and BIM courses and certificate programs.

Collegepert programs empowers AEC practitioners by offering online courses basing on global industry trending technology and project delivering tips.