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Welcome to Collegepert education, an e-learning platform for professionals and college graduates in engineering and architecture courses on CAD and BIM software. Nowadays, technology is covering most industries under its huge umbrella. It has become mandatory for professionals to be skilled in the latest, trending technology. Although our technical colleges of today are providing quality education to graduates, it is crucial to master the relevant CAD and BIM tools to work as fruitful employees in almost any industry. We aim to turn university graduates and noble professionals into design experts thru providing skills that immediately generate higher incomes and dramatically reduces the number of jobless graduates. We are the Collegepert!
On this platform, you will learn to combine what you studied in a traditional education system with real world, useful design technology. We found that many university graduates are suffering from joblessness because their degrees lacked specific training in the hands-on skills required by today’s employers.

The traditional education curriculum has been updated but still does not meet the employer’s targets, which is why unemployed graduates are increasing day by day. We are a solution to this problem.

No more going on interviews with shaky hands and sweaty faces. Gain the confidence you have always wanted, and surprise your employers with the indispensable skills you learned from our programs. Jobs are not scarce. What is scarce are qualified people with the right skill set to land the high-income jobs and challenging careers out in the marketplace. Start your course(s) today with us!

We intend to train you to develop a full package of abilities that are needed in project delivery for architecture and engineering market. The skills that will give you the utmost confidence to enhance your own career and life by yourself.

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Traditional colleges have many lecturers with advanced degrees without real project delivering skills, which is the main reason for unemployment among graduates. The current college graduates are not prepared for the challenges ahead of them. However, as a collegepert graduate, you will be fully taught to meet and conquer all the challenges presented to you at job market. We are not like a consulting firm; we are specialized in professional skills development.

we has formulated a unique learning structure and gathered international design experts to highly train you. Our courses qualify уоu tо bесоmе аn еѕѕеntіаl member of project design tеаm with maximum and leading self-reliance. Are you interested in becoming one of the leaders in projects delivering technologies? Link your knowledge with Computer-Aided-Design skills today.

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